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An island full of logical adventures connected with a child's everyday life and with the ability to cope in it.

It is a 3D mobile game that deepens the logical thinking of children in primary schools. Using a selected character, the child walks through an island called Mathgoras and performs a logical mathematical task in each round.

However, these tasks are not classic logical puzzles, riddles or various sudoku, it´s not completing logical series, etc. The tasks are focused on logical thinking associated with everyday life. The aim of the game is to awaken the logical thinking of children so that they can cope in everyday life.

It is not a classic mobile game, but rather an improving material, which is unique, because the logical tasks are connected with what children can do in everyday life.

An example from the game - connection with everyday life

The character is located by a stream in which 4 stones are arranged in a row. In order for the character to cross the river, it is necessary to move a 5th stone, which is located elsewhere in the river, to a given number of displacements.

Children have to find the shortest way here, they have to think logically, and at the same time they learn to count (counting the number of displacements), and they also logically find out how to overcome obstacles in nature.

To cross the stream - connection with everyday life.

Enter the island

Right now you can download 1st level of the game for free, which is thematically suitable for first graders in primary school and you can download it via

The island comes to life and continues to grow

I am still working on the game and I am currently developing Level 2, wich will be focused on 2nd class of primary school, and will be ready to download in September this year.

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